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Coffee Chats with Matt Collins

Sep 24, 2017

Matt shares a wonderfully honest and open coffee chat with School Chaplain, Jordan Bennett.

Jordan is the School Chaplain at Indigenous primary School in Cherbourg.

Jordan shares with Matt that he didn't always want to be a school chaplain, in fact he didn't want anything to do with the church.

They discuss fatherhood,...

Sep 24, 2017

Matt chats with youth worker, Busker and 'that guy who sings Happy Birthday to everyone on Facebook', Matt Elder.

Matt and Matt discuss the world of busking, the ups and downs of being a single parent and why a group of young guys feared for their lives the time Matt drove up next to them at the lights..

Enjoy this...

Sep 21, 2017

Matt shares share a great chat about homelessness with Melbourne Homeless Collective founder, Donna Zen.

Including the period in her life when she was homeless, the misconceptions of what being homeless actually is and why some people would rather be homeless than function in (so called) 'normal society'.

Donna left her...

Sep 17, 2017

Matt shares an in-depth chat with Balmain Tigers, NSW and Australian Rugby League superstar, Tim Brasher.

Tim shares stories from his playing days including the time Russell Crowe came into the dressing room at half time and what happened afterwards.

They discuss the challenge elite sports people face after they retire...

Sep 14, 2017

A special episode today on this being 'R U OK? Day', here is Matt's Coffee Chat with founding member of the Rogue Runners and ambassador of the 'Sirens of Silence' foundation, Jason Nelson.

Jason shares with Matt his story of why he found the move to Australia from the UK so challenging, his love/hate relationship with...