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Coffee Chats with Matt Collins

Jan 31, 2018

Helen was initially attracted to Mike after seeing his online dating profile which stated his goal to cycle around the world. By their second date, they had began planning the massive journey.

When they were in Australia they dropped in to share with Matt the ups and downs of their journey so far.

Both Mike and Helen...

Jan 28, 2018

Lisa is one of the country’s fittest females, however she has endured many obstacles along her journey.

Lisa was lucky to survive after a car accident in South Africa when a drunk driver ran a red light and launched her little VW Beetle around a telegraph pole.

But Lisa is grateful for that moment as it has made her...

Jan 24, 2018

'When Coffee meets Wine'

Matt chats with hugely successful online TV show host, Tam Wrigley. The Wine O'Clock Show has built a huge online following with over 3 million views of the fun, engaging talk show. Tam has had many Australian household names on her show including, Tom Williams, Sophie Falkiner, Osher Gunsberg,...

Jan 21, 2018

Matt chats with professional triathlete, Katy Booth (nee Duffield).
Katy shares her triathlon journey discussing the pros and cons of life as a pro triathlete, the competitive relationship she enjoys with her sisters including her twin sister, Michelle Duffield (also a professional triathlete) and what drives her to...

Jan 17, 2018

Sadly, bullying is a hot topic at the moment.

Matt shares a great Coffee Chat with Bullying Expert and author of ‘From Bullied To Brilliant', Karen Clarke.

Bullying in schools, bullying in the workplace, what constitutes bullying? How can parents best assist their kids who are being bullied? Karen discusses all...