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Coffee Chats with Matt Collins

Apr 11, 2022

With the highest grossing Australian documentary under his belt, Damon Gameau knows a thing or two about what gets people to take action.

It's a good thing he uses that power for good and not evil.

After huge success with That Sugar Film and 2040, the former actor Damon Gameau has a new doco called Regeneration...

Nov 24, 2021

Claudia Karvan knows her way around a film set. So she should, she has been doing it her whole life - but it was never her in intention to be in front of the camera. In their chat, In a 'behind the scenes' chat, Claudia shares with Matt her latest gig hosting the ABC series 'The Books That Made Us', as well as her big...

Dec 3, 2019

Film director, Jesse O’Brien has just finished his second feature-length film, Two Heads Creek. In this chat, he reveals why he would rather make a movie on a shoestring budget, what it's like working with great actors and his top movies to watch (they aren't what you would expect). Two Heads Creek is now in...