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Coffee Chats with Matt Collins

Jan 17, 2018

Sadly, bullying is a hot topic at the moment.

Matt shares a great Coffee Chat with Bullying Expert and author of ‘From Bullied To Brilliant', Karen Clarke.

Bullying in schools, bullying in the workplace, what constitutes bullying? How can parents best assist their kids who are being bullied? Karen discusses all...

Dec 27, 2017

If you have an interest in the personal development sector, you have probably heard of Craig Harper.

Craig is like a motivational 'sledge hammer'.

Craig is an exercise scientist, corporate speaker, consultant, University lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, radio host, TV presenter and writer.

His books include...

Nov 12, 2017

If you'd spent the past forty years selling multiple millions of books, you'd be forgiven if you were thinking about retirement, but Allan Pease doesn't understand the meaning of the word. Allan and his wife Barbara have written many best sellers including Body Language, Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps,...